The History of Piatelli


1945 Mario Piatelli is appointed a War Assets Administration Sales Officer, in Honolulu, in charge of liquidating millions of tons of WWII surplus Army, Navy and Marine equipment.

1948 Piatelli Company is formed in Honolulu, buying and selling heavy construction equipment, ships and marine salvage.

  Hawaii, 1945
Aleutian Isands, 1949   1949 The Piatelli Company opens a large salvage operation on Adak Island in the Aleutians. Over the next several years, the company salvages and ships thousands of tons of heavy equipment and scrap steel to buyers in the U.S. and around the world.
1955 Piatelli relocates to Southern California, applying his experience liquidating heavy equipment to industrial auctions in Los Angeles; associating with the nationally prestigious industrial auction firms of Milton J. Wershow Co. and Max Rouse & Sons.   Los Angeles, 1955

1960s The Piatelli Company, specializing as Real Estate Auction/Brokers, employs a full staff and is conducting hundreds of real estate auctions per year.

Every type of real estate comes under the gavel including raw land, farms, marinas, commerical and industrial properties.

  Wilshire Auction, 1964
President of SCAA, 1971  

1971 Recognized for his leadership and experience, Mario Piatelli is elected President of the Southern California Auctioneers Association.


1972 Mario Piatelli arrives in the Republic of Singapore to establish a joint office with Soon-Douglas Co. The deal involves import-export and various investment programs.


1982 Well known and respected, Mario Piatelli is elected President of the Brentwood Home Owners Association, representing the interests of this prestigious West Los Angeles community.

Present Mario Piatelli continues his active 50 year career as President and C.E.O. of the West Los Angeles based Piatelli Company. He is a nationally recognized Auctioneer/Broker, specializing in liquidating Real Estate assets at auction for Federal Bankruptcy Courts, institutional lenders, and principal sellers.

  Singapore, 1972