About Piatelli Auctions

With over 50 years of auction experience, we have accumulated a vast reservoir of knowledge, auction expertise and buyer contacts worldwide.

We know that auctions attract smart cash buyers, put them in competition with each other and demand their immediate buying decision. No other sales method works as well.

We intensively market our real estate at auction so that every fact of its potential value is illustrated to qualified buyers. Our auction events are meticulously planned from bidder pre-qualification through escrow processing. Our auctioneers and clerical personnel have worked together as a team for many years.

We are very careful concerning legalities; all representations that are made are strictly based on fact after exhaustive research regarding title, taxes, liens, defects, present zoning, potential use and value. Our buyer sales contract deposit receipts are totally explicit.

We have built a reputation for being able to assist in solving complicated real estate liquidations and bankruptcy problems. Many law firms, financial institutions, businesses, and government agencies call on us to help them in getting properties appraised and ready for auction.

Lifetime Members of:

  • National Auctioneers Association
  • Southern California Auctioneers Association
  • American Industrial Real Estate Association
  • Brentwood Homeowners Association


A Piatelli Real Estate Auction gets the job done!